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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Adams turkey hunt

My brother Adam and I went turkey hunting after Jake killed his bird. We had high hopes for the morning. We started walking into our woods. I was in front and we were walking down the trail when I looked up and saw someone in front of me. I got Adams attention and started following the guy on our property. We finally caught up to him and he said he was turkey hunting so we told him he needed to get off our property right now. After he walked away me and Adam watched him because we could tell he wanted to come back on our property. We sat down where we could see him and we started calling for turkeys. There were some nice toms gobbling down the hill and we called one of them in but the other guy scared him away because the bird was coming to us and not him. We were extremely mad at him but we have not seen him again since that morning. Adam and I have had a couple more chance to kill a big tom but each time something goes wrong right before he can kill one.