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Monday, April 25, 2016

Jake's turkey hunt

This weekend Jake and I went turkey hunting again. I already killed my turkey so it was his turn to kill one. Saturday morning we went to his property and heard a lot of birds gobbling but they would not come to us because they were already with hens. We decided to try and put a stalk on the birds to see if we could get close enough to kill them. We chased birds all morning trying to kill one. Around 10:30 we saw a group of long beards in the middle of a field. We tried to get close enough to shoot them but we could not get close enough because we didn't have any cover. The next day we went to the first spot and we heard a lot of birds but they would not get close enough to shoot them. Around 8 we decide to cross the creek and look for mushrooms. Whenever we got to the spot i wanted to mushroom hunt turkeys started to gobble so we were getting setup and I saw a turkey so I told Jake to come by me and he did and killed a nice long beard then we went and found a lot of mushrooms. This hunt was on of the most memorable hunt I have been on.

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