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Monday, April 11, 2016

Hog Hunt

The first weekend of spring break I went on a hog hunt in the upper peninsula of Michigan. I went with Adam and Scott when we got there they had about 6 inches of snow on the ground which made it a lot easier to see the boars. I was really excited because I have always wanted to go on a hog hunt and I finally got the chance to go. The hogs were pure bred Russian boars. Adam and Scott let me be the first one to kill a boar. We started chasing a group of boars and I finally got a shot at one about 30 yards away. After I shot my hog ran away but another came right at us and Adam killed it. Adam and I both killed our hogs on the first day. The next day we found a really big boar and started stalking it so Scott could kill it. Scott finally got a shot and he made a perfect shot and the hog died 15 yards away. All together it was an amazing hunt and I hope I get the chance to go back. On of the guys that helped us was talking about deer hunting and how small the deer are up there so I am hoping he will be able to come down and hunt deer with me this year.

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