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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

2016 Turkey hunt

I was disappointed because I did not receive my land owner turkey tags this year so I only had two days to turkey hunt. Since I only had two days to hunt I knew I had to hunt hard and do my best to kill a bird. The first day I went hunting with Jake and the birds started gobbling and we got excited that we might get one. This was the first year that I tried calling in a bird without an adult I was nerves I was going to mess up. After I started calling the birds kept gobbling at us then they quit gobbling for awhile. After about 10 minutes I turned around and there were 5 Jakes (young male turkeys) behind us. We turned around but we were not able to get a good shot at them. When they left we hunted for the rest of the day and we saw a lot of birds but we were not able to kill one. The next day Jake and I went  to the same spot in the morning. There were not as many birds gobbling but we still thought we would have a chance of killing one. We heard a bird a couple ridges away so I started trying to call him in we could tell that he was getting closer. When we finally saw him he was coming through the woods in full strut. He finally got within range so we were waiting for him to give us a good shot through the trees. When he finally gave us a shot I shot first then Jake shot to make sure he would not get away. I was so excited I had killed a turkey it was not he biggest bird it had a 5 inch beard but it was the first bird I have ever called in by myself and it was awesome.

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