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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Preparing for next hunting season

I am already starting to prepare to hunt for next year. Turkey season is the next thing that we can hunt and it will start around April. I already have all of my stuff ready for turkey season. I am starting to get ready for bow season which is in October. I enjoy turkey hunting because it is a challenge and it is during the off season so it gives hunters the chance to continue hunting. I did not kill a turkey last year so this year I have put in extra time into preparing and scouting so I can be successful this year. This year if I kill a turkey early in the season I am going to go with Jake and video tape him. I got a go pro and I am excited to try and get a video of killing a turkey. I have used the go pro for goose hunting and it worked really well. If I can get some videos of people killing turkeys I might send he video to a hunting show so they can give me some helpful hints.

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