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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hunting with Jake

On the last snow we had Jake Step and I went coyote hunting. We were not expecting to see any or kill any. The first spot we hunted at was a large open area. We were getting ready to get set up and I looked at the other ridge and there was a coyote standing there. I told Jake to shoot at it and he did not hit it we were both kind of upset that he did not kill it but we went to the next spot. At the next spot we were hunting over a small corn field. After we started calling Jake saw a coyote coming in behind us through the woods. We were not able to shoot because there was to much brush in the way and the coyote just walked away and never gave us a shot. The last spot we went to we say two coyotes on the way in so we were pretty excited. I started calling and a coyote came into the field at about 150 yards. Jake got ready to shoot and I was ready to shoot if he missed it. When he shot I could tell that he new he hit the coyote. He started walking across the field to see were if there was blood and when he got over to where he had shot it he started yelling because he was so excited he had finally killed one. When he shot the coyote he made a great shot and it died right there.

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