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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

2015 bow hunt

This year I was ready to kill a nice buck. I bought multiple new trail cameras and had them set up since summer. I would check my trail cameras every other week trying to pattern some of the big bucks I saw. I had about five bucks on my hit list. For the past 3 years I have not killed a buck because I have been trying to wait for a mature buck and have better management techniques. I was really excited and had very high hopes for the 2015 season because each year I have hunted I learn more and I will continue learning more every year. When October came around I was ready to get in the tree as fast as possible. For the first couple weeks of season I went to some spots were I was not expecting to see a big buck because I wanted to save those spots for closer to rut when the bucks were more active. I had bought a couple new tree stands and hung them in the good spots. On Halloween all the conditions were right for the stand I had been saving all year. I went to the stand early that afternoon and saw a steady flow of does and little bucks moving through. About 15 minutes before it got dark I saw I nice buck headed to me. The buck came exactly were I was hoping he would and gave me a perfect twenty yard shot. After I shot him I was not for sure how good my shot was so I backed out and waited for my uncle and stepdad to come help me track. When I found him I could not describe how happy I was because I had waited and worked so hard to finally harvest a mature buck with my bow. The buck I killed was a nice massive 8 pt with a lot of stickers. When he first started walking to me I realized it was the same buck I had past the year before. I was so upset after I passed him because I thought I would never get another chance to shoot him but my hard work paid off and on Halloween of 2015 he gave me a second shot and I was able to harvest my first mature buck with a bow.

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