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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

2015 bow hunt

This year I was ready to kill a nice buck. I bought multiple new trail cameras and had them set up since summer. I would check my trail cameras every other week trying to pattern some of the big bucks I saw. I had about five bucks on my hit list. For the past 3 years I have not killed a buck because I have been trying to wait for a mature buck and have better management techniques. I was really excited and had very high hopes for the 2015 season because each year I have hunted I learn more and I will continue learning more every year. When October came around I was ready to get in the tree as fast as possible. For the first couple weeks of season I went to some spots were I was not expecting to see a big buck because I wanted to save those spots for closer to rut when the bucks were more active. I had bought a couple new tree stands and hung them in the good spots. On Halloween all the conditions were right for the stand I had been saving all year. I went to the stand early that afternoon and saw a steady flow of does and little bucks moving through. About 15 minutes before it got dark I saw I nice buck headed to me. The buck came exactly were I was hoping he would and gave me a perfect twenty yard shot. After I shot him I was not for sure how good my shot was so I backed out and waited for my uncle and stepdad to come help me track. When I found him I could not describe how happy I was because I had waited and worked so hard to finally harvest a mature buck with my bow. The buck I killed was a nice massive 8 pt with a lot of stickers. When he first started walking to me I realized it was the same buck I had past the year before. I was so upset after I passed him because I thought I would never get another chance to shoot him but my hard work paid off and on Halloween of 2015 he gave me a second shot and I was able to harvest my first mature buck with a bow.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Preparing for next hunting season

I am already starting to prepare to hunt for next year. Turkey season is the next thing that we can hunt and it will start around April. I already have all of my stuff ready for turkey season. I am starting to get ready for bow season which is in October. I enjoy turkey hunting because it is a challenge and it is during the off season so it gives hunters the chance to continue hunting. I did not kill a turkey last year so this year I have put in extra time into preparing and scouting so I can be successful this year. This year if I kill a turkey early in the season I am going to go with Jake and video tape him. I got a go pro and I am excited to try and get a video of killing a turkey. I have used the go pro for goose hunting and it worked really well. If I can get some videos of people killing turkeys I might send he video to a hunting show so they can give me some helpful hints.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hunting with Jake

On the last snow we had Jake Step and I went coyote hunting. We were not expecting to see any or kill any. The first spot we hunted at was a large open area. We were getting ready to get set up and I looked at the other ridge and there was a coyote standing there. I told Jake to shoot at it and he did not hit it we were both kind of upset that he did not kill it but we went to the next spot. At the next spot we were hunting over a small corn field. After we started calling Jake saw a coyote coming in behind us through the woods. We were not able to shoot because there was to much brush in the way and the coyote just walked away and never gave us a shot. The last spot we went to we say two coyotes on the way in so we were pretty excited. I started calling and a coyote came into the field at about 150 yards. Jake got ready to shoot and I was ready to shoot if he missed it. When he shot I could tell that he new he hit the coyote. He started walking across the field to see were if there was blood and when he got over to where he had shot it he started yelling because he was so excited he had finally killed one. When he shot the coyote he made a great shot and it died right there.