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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Coyote hunt

On Monday morning Jake Step and I went coyote hunting. We tried calling some in at my uncles house first where we normally see them. After about 25 minutes of calling we did not see any coyotes so we decided to move on to the next spot which was north of town. We did not call in any coyotes at that spot either. It was zero degrees and we were both cold but we decided to go try another spot that I have not coyote hunted before. When we got to the spot I thought it looked really good and we would have a good chance of calling one in. After about 13 minutes of calling I saw a coyote coming in on the other side of the field. I got Jakes attention and told him to get ready to shoot. The coyote stopped at about 150 yards in the field and I told him to shoot because he had never killed a coyote before. When he shot the coyote started running and it acted like he had hit it so we went to the other field to look for blood and see if he shot it. We found blood right where it was standing at so we started tracking it. After tracking it for an hour and half we had to give up because we could not find anymore blood.

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