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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Adams turkey hunt

My brother Adam and I went turkey hunting after Jake killed his bird. We had high hopes for the morning. We started walking into our woods. I was in front and we were walking down the trail when I looked up and saw someone in front of me. I got Adams attention and started following the guy on our property. We finally caught up to him and he said he was turkey hunting so we told him he needed to get off our property right now. After he walked away me and Adam watched him because we could tell he wanted to come back on our property. We sat down where we could see him and we started calling for turkeys. There were some nice toms gobbling down the hill and we called one of them in but the other guy scared him away because the bird was coming to us and not him. We were extremely mad at him but we have not seen him again since that morning. Adam and I have had a couple more chance to kill a big tom but each time something goes wrong right before he can kill one.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Jake's turkey hunt

This weekend Jake and I went turkey hunting again. I already killed my turkey so it was his turn to kill one. Saturday morning we went to his property and heard a lot of birds gobbling but they would not come to us because they were already with hens. We decided to try and put a stalk on the birds to see if we could get close enough to kill them. We chased birds all morning trying to kill one. Around 10:30 we saw a group of long beards in the middle of a field. We tried to get close enough to shoot them but we could not get close enough because we didn't have any cover. The next day we went to the first spot and we heard a lot of birds but they would not get close enough to shoot them. Around 8 we decide to cross the creek and look for mushrooms. Whenever we got to the spot i wanted to mushroom hunt turkeys started to gobble so we were getting setup and I saw a turkey so I told Jake to come by me and he did and killed a nice long beard then we went and found a lot of mushrooms. This hunt was on of the most memorable hunt I have been on.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Hog Hunt

The first weekend of spring break I went on a hog hunt in the upper peninsula of Michigan. I went with Adam and Scott when we got there they had about 6 inches of snow on the ground which made it a lot easier to see the boars. I was really excited because I have always wanted to go on a hog hunt and I finally got the chance to go. The hogs were pure bred Russian boars. Adam and Scott let me be the first one to kill a boar. We started chasing a group of boars and I finally got a shot at one about 30 yards away. After I shot my hog ran away but another came right at us and Adam killed it. Adam and I both killed our hogs on the first day. The next day we found a really big boar and started stalking it so Scott could kill it. Scott finally got a shot and he made a perfect shot and the hog died 15 yards away. All together it was an amazing hunt and I hope I get the chance to go back. On of the guys that helped us was talking about deer hunting and how small the deer are up there so I am hoping he will be able to come down and hunt deer with me this year.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

2016 Turkey hunt

I was disappointed because I did not receive my land owner turkey tags this year so I only had two days to turkey hunt. Since I only had two days to hunt I knew I had to hunt hard and do my best to kill a bird. The first day I went hunting with Jake and the birds started gobbling and we got excited that we might get one. This was the first year that I tried calling in a bird without an adult I was nerves I was going to mess up. After I started calling the birds kept gobbling at us then they quit gobbling for awhile. After about 10 minutes I turned around and there were 5 Jakes (young male turkeys) behind us. We turned around but we were not able to get a good shot at them. When they left we hunted for the rest of the day and we saw a lot of birds but we were not able to kill one. The next day Jake and I went  to the same spot in the morning. There were not as many birds gobbling but we still thought we would have a chance of killing one. We heard a bird a couple ridges away so I started trying to call him in we could tell that he was getting closer. When we finally saw him he was coming through the woods in full strut. He finally got within range so we were waiting for him to give us a good shot through the trees. When he finally gave us a shot I shot first then Jake shot to make sure he would not get away. I was so excited I had killed a turkey it was not he biggest bird it had a 5 inch beard but it was the first bird I have ever called in by myself and it was awesome.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

2015 bow hunt

This year I was ready to kill a nice buck. I bought multiple new trail cameras and had them set up since summer. I would check my trail cameras every other week trying to pattern some of the big bucks I saw. I had about five bucks on my hit list. For the past 3 years I have not killed a buck because I have been trying to wait for a mature buck and have better management techniques. I was really excited and had very high hopes for the 2015 season because each year I have hunted I learn more and I will continue learning more every year. When October came around I was ready to get in the tree as fast as possible. For the first couple weeks of season I went to some spots were I was not expecting to see a big buck because I wanted to save those spots for closer to rut when the bucks were more active. I had bought a couple new tree stands and hung them in the good spots. On Halloween all the conditions were right for the stand I had been saving all year. I went to the stand early that afternoon and saw a steady flow of does and little bucks moving through. About 15 minutes before it got dark I saw I nice buck headed to me. The buck came exactly were I was hoping he would and gave me a perfect twenty yard shot. After I shot him I was not for sure how good my shot was so I backed out and waited for my uncle and stepdad to come help me track. When I found him I could not describe how happy I was because I had waited and worked so hard to finally harvest a mature buck with my bow. The buck I killed was a nice massive 8 pt with a lot of stickers. When he first started walking to me I realized it was the same buck I had past the year before. I was so upset after I passed him because I thought I would never get another chance to shoot him but my hard work paid off and on Halloween of 2015 he gave me a second shot and I was able to harvest my first mature buck with a bow.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Preparing for next hunting season

I am already starting to prepare to hunt for next year. Turkey season is the next thing that we can hunt and it will start around April. I already have all of my stuff ready for turkey season. I am starting to get ready for bow season which is in October. I enjoy turkey hunting because it is a challenge and it is during the off season so it gives hunters the chance to continue hunting. I did not kill a turkey last year so this year I have put in extra time into preparing and scouting so I can be successful this year. This year if I kill a turkey early in the season I am going to go with Jake and video tape him. I got a go pro and I am excited to try and get a video of killing a turkey. I have used the go pro for goose hunting and it worked really well. If I can get some videos of people killing turkeys I might send he video to a hunting show so they can give me some helpful hints.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hunting with Jake

On the last snow we had Jake Step and I went coyote hunting. We were not expecting to see any or kill any. The first spot we hunted at was a large open area. We were getting ready to get set up and I looked at the other ridge and there was a coyote standing there. I told Jake to shoot at it and he did not hit it we were both kind of upset that he did not kill it but we went to the next spot. At the next spot we were hunting over a small corn field. After we started calling Jake saw a coyote coming in behind us through the woods. We were not able to shoot because there was to much brush in the way and the coyote just walked away and never gave us a shot. The last spot we went to we say two coyotes on the way in so we were pretty excited. I started calling and a coyote came into the field at about 150 yards. Jake got ready to shoot and I was ready to shoot if he missed it. When he shot I could tell that he new he hit the coyote. He started walking across the field to see were if there was blood and when he got over to where he had shot it he started yelling because he was so excited he had finally killed one. When he shot the coyote he made a great shot and it died right there.

Friday, February 26, 2016

First turkey hunt

My first turkey hunt was in 6th grade. I went with Morrie and Adam. The first spot we went we could hear turkeys but they would never come close enough. After the turkeys in that area stopped talking we decided to moved to the next spot. We went to a couple different spots and heard a lot of turkeys. At all of those spots the turkeys would not come in and let us get a shot at them. We started to get disappointing because we had not killed any but we saw a group of jakes in a field and decided to try to call them in. We moved through the woods to come in behind them. After we got set up and started calling they began to move towards us. Three of the jakes were getting close enough to shot. Adam and I began to get very nervous the closer they got. When they finally got in range and Morrie said shoot me and Adam both shot and killed a turkey. I was so excited when I realized I had finally killed a turkey.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

First coyote hunt

When I was in about 7th grade I bought a 243. Savage for coyote hunting. I also bought a Fox pro to call them in. Adam and I went hunting one morning south of town. The first spot we set up nothing came in. We moved to the next spot and as soon as we turned the call on coyotes started howling at us. After about 1 minute the first coyote came into the open so we could get a good shot. He stopped at about 50 yards and presented a perfect shot. I shot him once and he started running so I shot him again so he would drop fast. I was so excited because I had finally killed a coyote. The coyote I killed was a big male with a really nice hide. I got the hide tanned and the head European mounted. I am glad I did that because now I have something to look at and remember the hunt.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

First Bow Kill

I started shooting a bow when I was in 6th grade. I enjoyed shooting a bow because it is a lot of fun and you can do it easily in your back yard. When I first started bow hunting it was a lot more challenging than deer hunting with a shotgun. Instead of quitting I continued to try hard and get better. It took me one whole season of learning from my mistakes to finally kill a deer with my bow. After the first season of no success I was very disappointed. I went out one evening and went to a stand that I had been waiting to go for in he perfect weather conditions. About ten minutes before shooting time I saw some does headed my way on a trail. I knew if the deer stayed on the trial they would come right beside me at twenty yards. I was so nervous but I knew I had to stay calm if I wanted to kill the deer. It started to get really dark then she finally stepped out in an opening. Before I shot I tried to calm my self down so I could make a good shot. After I shot I could tell that I had finally made a good shot and I had so much adrenalin built up. I waited on Morrie to get to the stand so we could start tracking her. It didn't take long for us to find her and I was so excited that I had finally killed a deer with my bow. When I look back on it I realized that it isn't all about killing one it is more about learning from your mistakes and becoming a better more successful hunter.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Coyote hunt

On Monday morning Jake Step and I went coyote hunting. We tried calling some in at my uncles house first where we normally see them. After about 25 minutes of calling we did not see any coyotes so we decided to move on to the next spot which was north of town. We did not call in any coyotes at that spot either. It was zero degrees and we were both cold but we decided to go try another spot that I have not coyote hunted before. When we got to the spot I thought it looked really good and we would have a good chance of calling one in. After about 13 minutes of calling I saw a coyote coming in on the other side of the field. I got Jakes attention and told him to get ready to shoot. The coyote stopped at about 150 yards in the field and I told him to shoot because he had never killed a coyote before. When he shot the coyote started running and it acted like he had hit it so we went to the other field to look for blood and see if he shot it. We found blood right where it was standing at so we started tracking it. After tracking it for an hour and half we had to give up because we could not find anymore blood.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Goose hunt

This morning we had a successful goose hunt. Jake Step, Preston, and me went goose hunting this morning. Last night we had to prepare all of our hunting gear so we would be able to hunt this morning. When we got everything set up it did not take long for the geese to start coming in. The first few groups that came in were to far to shoot. We finally had one group get close enough so we all got up and started shooting. We only killed one goose out of that group. There were a lot of birds flying in our area but most of them never even looked at our decoys. We ended up killing five geese total. Even though we did not kill our limit it was still a very exciting hunt.

Friday, January 8, 2016

First Hunt

My grandpa got me started hunting and fishing at a young age. He helped me learn to shoot better and sit still for a longer amount of time. I started squirrel hunting with him and I realized how much fun it was. After I started squirrel hunting I wanted to try deer hunting. I went on my first deer hunt in fourth grade and I was instantly hooked. I was hunting with an old single shot 20 gauge. I had missed a small doe the first day of season. I was disappointed after the first day but I decided to go back out the second day and a four pointer walked out in front of me at about 30 yards. I started aiming at him and waited until he turned broadside and I took the shot. I was so excited to see that he dropped as soon as I shot him. I felt so accomplished after I shot him and everything I had worked for had finally paid off. I knew after I shot him that I would be hooked on hunting forever.